Personal Composer

Personal Composer 2.0

Creates, edits and plays musical scores
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Personal Composer, Inc.

Perform music notation operations in the composing suite supporting tools for MIDi sequencing and publishing or the output files. The program features a metronome instrument for MIDI playback, a recording tool for complex projects and a lyric writing processor.

Personal Composer is a powerful music notation, MIDI, sequencing, and publishing program which provides spectacular usability with professional results.
Features :
-Notate as you play a MIDI instrument, with a
program-supplied metronome.
-Record one staff while playing back others.
-Type lyrics directly onto the score.
-Align lyric lines globally or syllable-by-syllable.
-Create and position titles, copyright notices and other text.
-Select and place chord symbols and/or fretboards easily.
-Transpose, rebeam and apply other changes
to music with a single command.

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